Antonio Hernández Ríos


“Doing things with freedom while respecting others.”



He has been practicing law for 22 years, working on corporate and civil law. More than 16 years advising NGO`s and private sector organizations.  Antonio also has been teaching civil and corporate law for more than 20 years at Guatemala´s Rafael Landívar University (URL).

Practice Areas

Corporate, Civil, and NGO`s.


Law degree & Notary from Rafael Landívar University.

Teaching Experience

Law professor at Rafael Landívar University since 2000. Currently teaching Civil Law (Obligations and Business Law), Commercial Companies (Corporations), and Credit Titles and Debt Securities. 

Pro-bono & Social Responsibility

Antonio has been an Ad honorem legal advisor for NGO`s and associations, such as “Parents Association for San Francisco Project,” an association developing projects on preventive medicine and public schools in rural areas. 


Active Member of the Guatemalan Bar.


Books:  The Shack – William Paul Young


Music:  Reggae Roots