José Augusto Toledo


“Making things happen, properly.”



He has been practicing law for 29 years, advising local and international companies. He served as Managing Partner of the Guatemala office of a regional firm for 10 years. His broad training and multidisciplinary experience make him a lawyer with extensive experience in local and transnational banking & finance regulations, contracts, and complex transactions. He has advised companies in the highest levels of funding for multiple jurisdictions. His advice has expanded to other areas of practice, including various real estate projects. José has participated in multiple Boards of Directors, and he is a “go-to” counsellor characterized by a peculiar business-oriented vision. 

Practice Areas

Banking & Finance, Corporate, M&A, Tax, Real Estate 


Magister in Commercial Law and Business Administration, Escuela Superior de Economía y Administración de Empresas (ESEADE), Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM), 2004. 


Attorney and Public Notary, Bachelor of Law (J.D equivalent) Universidad Rafael Landívar, 1997. 

Teaching Experience

Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala, Guatemala 

Teacher Assistant for the course Civil Law II, 2000. 

Pro-bono & Social Responsibility

 José is a lawyer known for his initiatives to implement the Pro-Bono culture in Guatemala. He is a founding member of the Pro-Bono Foundation of Guatemala. José has advised Boards of Directors of various non-profit organizations working ad honorem, some of them are: Emprende (the Guatemalan chapter of Junior Achievement Worldwide); Guatemala Educational Foundation; United Way Guatemala, among others. 

Memberships and Management Positions

Active Member of the Guatemalan Bar. 

Member of the Board of Directors of the General Managers Association of Guatemala, “AGG”. 

Fellow del Central American Leadership Initiative (CALI) 

Foundation Trustee Chair of the Educative Foundation of Guatemala property of Interamerican School of Guatemala 


Books:  Principles, by Ray Dalio; Remaking Law Firms: Why and How, de George Beaton & Imme Kaschner 


Music: Mila Verte – Supernova 

The team says about José

“He is a born leader, he knows how to delegate, he trusts me and draws my potential. He is an excellent lawyer, but above all an excellent human being and that is what I admire the most about him.” 

“He is an exceptional leader and mentor; he challenges me and makes me grow.”