Pro Bono & CSR

One of our greatest satisfactions is that we all have in common a vocation for service to facilitate access to legal matters for those who traditionally do not have the means. We support the Pro Bono Foundation of Guatemala, as well as the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice by providing our legal advice to generate better opportunities for people with limited economic resources. 


We base our life and profession on these values: empathy, excellence, solidarity, integrity, respect, and peace.  

Good Hotel

We support Good Hotel Antigua, which is a social enterprise, that destines its profits to support the schools of Niños de Guatemala, and also gives training and work to some graduates and members of the families of the schools.


Niños de Guatemala

Since 2009 we support with legal services and multiple volunteers Niños de Guatemala, an organization that built and currently operates 3 schools near Antigua Guatemala, helping in the education of more than 500 children and their families.


Vance Center

Clarity Law is proud to work with Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice, an entity that enhances global justice by engaging lawyers from around the world to support civil society through ethical professional support.


Pro Bono Hours
¿How to apply?

1. Enter your information on the contact form. 

We will call you because we are interested in knowing more details of your case / process / procedure. 

2. We will evaluate your case
We will do a conflict-of-interest analysis and verify whether the case complies with our Pro Bono Policies. 

3. Letter of engagement
If your case is accepted and you agree to the requirements, we will send you a Pro Bono Commitment Letter. 

4. We will work your case 
We will work on your case and keep you informed with a frequent Pro-Bono Work Report. 

Pro Bono Application

If you have a specific need, fill out the format and we will get in touch.