José Mérida


“To see the positive side of things.  Sharing that no matter who you are, the most important thing is to try to be happy. “


José has worked as law clerk while studying to become a lawyer and notary. He has dedicated his legal practices to a regional firm, working with local and international clients. Because of his career maturity, José now has direct contact with clients and provides support to them. His banking and finance law knowledge has been expanded, lately has worked in disputes and company acquisitions. 

Practice Areas

Corporate Law, Banking and Finance Law. 


José is a Juridical and Social Science student at University Rafael Landivar of Guatemala, and also a Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs student at University Galileo of Guatemala. 

Pro-bono & Social Responsibility

José is a young born for Corporate Social Responsibility. He has participated in different activities in retirement homes and orphanages in charge of the organization and search for material and human support. 


Book:  Mi viaje sin ti by Alejandro Seqera 

Music:  Ojalá by Silvio Rodríguez

What the team says about José

“José came to this world to shine, as a person and as a professional.” He always cares about his clients and his colleagues.”

“He is young man with own initiative and is a good example for everybody.” 

“We love to have him in the team”